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NEWS FLASH: All Digital Models since Mid-2022 have WiFi BUILT-IN NOW YOU CAN: change pool temperature, lockout keypad, get text alerts FROM ANYWHERE. Including FACTORY REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS & Software Updates ALL WITHOUT A SERVICE CALL!!

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New Player XLW same looks WiFi inside

The DIGITAL DISPLAY – SHOWS WATER TEMPERATURE accurate to +/- 0.1°F and SET-POINT. It will also display ERROR CODES and ALERT MESSAGES when necessary. Above the display there are four STATUS LED’s show current operation modes:

  • Green LED for POOL blinks while heating and is solid on when the pool is at temperature.
  • Yellow LED for SPA works the same.
  • Red LED blinks for alert or error codes and stays on if SERVICE is required.
  • Blue LED is on if the Player is WIRELESS or if built in PUMPJUMP is on for off cycle heating.

DUAL THERMOSTAT for POOL SPA COMBOs – lets you set pool & spa temperature separately and simply select either one by changing the MODE.



AND using our BUILT IN WiFi JUNCTION BOX – with just a 4 conductor cable running to most models of Pentair or Hayward VS pumps, YOU CAN CONTROL the speed from!! Your Heat Siphon will speed up to heat and slow down to low speed to filter, Automatically.

WiFi Access

Introducing My

Owners who Registers for Level 1 Access Pass (free) on can Login & access data in Real Time using your smartphone from anywhere in the world:

Simulation of Pool in Florida

Level 1 Access lets you check:

  • Pool/Spa Water Temperature
  • Temperature Setpoint
  • Local Air Temperature
  • Status of water flow
  • Status of Heat Siphon
  • Any Error Conditions
  • Last Four Errors & Date Time occurred
  • Table of Last 24 Hrs:
    • Time
    • Water Temperature
    • Air Temperature
    • Heating Minutes

Level 2 Access Pass lets you:

  • Change your Heat Siphon set point
  • Turn your Heat Siphon OFF/ON
  • LOCK your keypad-button presses ignored
  • Set / Receive SMS alerts for events
  • Put your Heater in VACATION MODE

Level 3 Access CONTROL:

  • Remote control Variable Speed pool pumps
  • Auto-High speed heating and low speed filtering
  • Turn on FULL SPEED for
  • and much more

Player XLW WiFi Setup

There are TWO THINGS you must do to begin viewing & managing your pool.

  • JOIN Heat Siphon to your WiFi Network
  • REGISTER as a user on

To REGISTER go to and click on the register button. You MUST have a Player XLW equipped Heat Siphon to use the wireless services. Older units cannot broadcast pool data unless they are retrofitted with a Player XLW – call us for details. 800-447-9667

To JOIN your Player XLW to your home WiFi network you need to give it permission by “Joining”/ entering your network info on the local mini-webpage your Player will broadcast to your smartphone.

NETWORK passwords are inaccessible. password can be reset.

Watch our video showing you how simple it is to join your new Player XLW into your home WiFi network so you can begin using to access your Heat Siphon from anywhere with your smart device:

See the Player display Heat Siphon’s serial number
embedded in the wireless chips memory.


CALL NOW: 800-447-9667
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Sizing Fuel Costs Compare Brands – Reviews
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