Embedded Serial Number

The new Player XLW 4 Digit LED will display the Heat Siphon’s serial number stored in the wireless chip after it boots up each time power is applied to the unit (if you turn breaker OFF then back ON, or after a cycle power event such as a power failure etc.) On the nameplate, the first two digit are the YEAR MANUFACTURED (23=2023) and the third character is a CAPITAL LETTER & designates the MONTH MFRD,

A=Jan, B=Feb, C=Mar,
D=Apr, E=May, F=Jun,
G=Jul, H=Aug, I=Sep,
J=Oct, K=Nov, L=Dec

HOWEVER – due to the limitations of the SEVEN SEGMENT Display it can not display the letter “K” so we elected to have it display “n” for NOVEMBER
and the letter “G” does not have the small horizontal line because it would look like “6” and some letters must be displayed in the lower case.

So to clarify this the following shows how each “MONTH LETTER WIll appear on the LED (It will repeat the year/month letters in order):

Serial Number Display A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L

Since the serial number is 5 Characters long it will be in TWO SCREENS, after the wireless “boot/PAir/AUtH/Join” sequence & following the first two screens of the normal startup sequence (which show the software version “Soft” ,”14.65″) – Serial number 23C087 is displayed below thru the 15 second “Verifying Flow” countdown:

Ser.No. Display Sequence