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The Heat Siphon NATION

SINCE 2005

I would like to provide this testimonial regarding the SX3.25: “My SX3.25HP was purchased in April of 2005 and has served us exceptionally these 14 years, beyond expectations. In all those years I only had one service call and I can’t even remember what it was for, but I know it was minor. Finally it was time for a replacement as the compressor was struggling and the freon was the old R-22. Of course we are staying with Heat Siphon, a Model 3.75HP, now to decide if analog or digital. Keep up the great work Heat Siphon!!!!”
– Norm Thiel 8/10/19

Nova Scotia Canada
SINCE 2006

I own a Heat Siphon pool heater serial number 06F069 which was purchased in June of 06. The heater has been an awsome pool heater and we have had great luck with it over the years.
-Rob 6/6/17

SINCE 2003

Bill…..I just wanted to “drop a line” about the Heat Siphon pool heater. Our family had a Heat Siphon installed on our new pool in August, 2003… My wife and daughter enjoy a water temp of 86°-88°. The heater gets a workout!! The Heat Siphon has worked remarkably well for 13 years with absolutely no problems. A testimony to the quality and workmanship of the product!! I have recommended to many of my friends, coworkers and neighbors  the Heat Siphon and almost all of them have purchased the unit!! Thank you for a great product and service response.
-Dave Smithberger, Regional Operations Manager FirstPower Group LLC – 6/1/17

Bonita Springs FL
SINCE 1998

Hi folks, Just wanted to let you know that our Heat Siphon that was placed in service at our house in Bonita Springs, FL in Jan 1998 has not missed a season of heating our pool and spa. We have never needed to have the unit serviced. The fan protector is rusted out, but the unit still performs flawlessly. I just brought the spa up to 104 today to treat my back. Not sure this is a record, but let me know if it is close to a record. Thanks,
-Larry Hess 9/17/15

Dayton , OH
SINCE 2009

We’ve had our Heat Siphon for 6 years and love it. Just set it and forget it. Would purchase again
-B. Brown – 8/29/15

New Jersey
SINCE 2015

I just had one installed this year with my new in ground pool it works amazing. And as far as efficiency compared to my friend basically same size pool he has gas he is spending 3X as much on gas as I am on electric. And I keep my heat siphon set at 87 he keeps it at 84 since he received his gas bill.
-Vinny Dip – 8/24/15

SINCE 1995

Tanner, Just wanted to send a little note saying how pleased I am with your product. Had a Heat Siphon heater installed in 1995 (YES, 20 years ago) and have only had to have service 3 times.  I think all 3 times was for a thermostat.  Quick service and really nice people to deal with.  I wouldn’t buy anything else.  Keep up the good work. Thanks,
-Lori 7/22/15

Hudson, FL
Since 2015

Hi Tanner, First off I wanted to say Thank You for continuing to look at your rebuilds for a heat pump that fit our needs. We purchased a 3.75 Heat Siphon on Monday and it was delivered yesterday in perfect condition. It was exactly like you described and I wanted to say thanks for the plumbing and electrical manuals. Today we swam in a 97 degree pool it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Your product has made our pool someplace to really enjoy. Thanks so much for your knowledge and customer service.
Sincerely, – Denise Moore

Phoenix AZ
SINCE 2000

Tanner, Thank you so much for the quick response. I will contact the one [dealer] closest to us. We have loved the heat siphon we have. It heats quickly and efficiently. it has never had a problem for 14 years. That is why we want to replace this one with another heat siphon.

SINCE 2014

Hi Tanner, I appreciate the service you have provided me “after the sale” you don’t get this kind of service with most companies! Thank you my friend,
-Kurt Billen Edmond Okla.-9/1/14

Covington, LA
SINCE 2014

Hi , It took us a while to get the unit up and running.   After we received it,we had a nice ski trip to Snowbird and Alta, Utah.  Beautiful! The heater has been doing very well for us. We had some initial problems due to lack of flow.  Our pool guy cleaned out something or other (?) and now it is cycling on and off as needed.   Temperature is a constant and delicious 90. I know that is warm but it makes my arthritis feel better. We have not had an electric bill on usage yet. Please tell us again the name of the “blanket ” you recommend. Grateful thanks for your help in selecting this unit !   Your knowledge led us to the right decision. Every good wish,
-Marianne and Karl B.

Mesquite, NV
SINCE 2014

We started heating the pool two weeks ago we were able to raise the temp from 70 degrees to 84 we have been running the heater about 10 hours a day. I have swam first time ever in May it looks like we should increase our swim season two months. We haven’t got an electric bill yet, I will let you know. Operation is very simple the piping to install was very basic, the wiring was a little tough since we were 165 feet to the pool from the electrical panel I had to upsize wire to number six wire because of the length, it works great, very pleased with the heater.
-Joe P. – 4/15/14